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 What: International Baccalaureate Evaluation Visit to Antietam

* When: Monday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 17, 2021*

* Where: It will be a 3-day “remote evaluation visit.” *

Who: All stakeholders will be involved with the evaluation! Mrs. Bloomrose and the IB Committee will be leading the process, but all staff members, students, and families will have opportunities to contribute (via surveys, reflections, and other feedback).

Why: Antietam became an IB candidate school in 2013. It was authorized as an IB school in April 2017. Typically, the first evaluation is 4 years after authorization, and then every 5 years. We received an extension, however, so we could prepare for the new 2020 evaluation process (rather than the previous process).

* How: Our preliminary review (a “compliance check”) is due June 1. Our self-study is due October 1. *

First Steps: While these dates may seem like a lifetime away, there is data to be collected and items to be submitted during this school year. Our first task is to gather data for the self-study. There will be a monthly survey, from January to June, available to all stakeholders. We want all students, parents/guardians, and staff members to complete these surveys, so we have an accurate and honest evaluation.