Device Distribution
Posted on 05/07/2020
technology 1PWCS conducted a phone survey of those who needed computers/devices.  Families who completed the survey and indicated the need a device were contacted. Devices were distributed this past week. K-2 students received Kindle Fire tablets and 3-5 students received a laptop.

Device Checkout Agreement

1. Parent/Guardian and student will review all aspects of the Prince William County Public School's Acceptable Use Policy for Computer Systems and Network Usage, Regulation 295-1.
2. Accessing the Internet via the Student Device shall be used for instructional purposes and not for recreational or employment activities.
3. Once the Student Device is returned, data the student may have stored on the device will no longer be accessible.
4. The Student Device and accessories will be surrendered immediately upon request of the instructor or school official.
5. Parent/Guardian will reimburse Prince William County Public Schools for the cost of a replacement should the Student Device be lost, stolen, or damaged. The costs incurred will not exceed the original cost of the device and its accessories. In the case of lost, stolen, or damaged equipment, parent/student agrees to contact the school within five business days so that appropriate procedures can be put into action to ensure replacement. If a device is lost or stolen and the replacement cost creates a financial hardship, the parent/guardian must contact the student's counselor to determine a solution to this difficulty.


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