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Mrs. P(oirier) and Mrs. Reno will be using this resource page to provide ideas for activities that will target your child's speech/language skills. 

The following link will allow you to access special education home learning resources provided directly by PWCS Office of Special Education. 


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Mackenzie Poirier (poiriem@pwcs.edu) and Jacqueline Reno (renoj@pwcs.edu)

Check out these websites for activities:


PBS Kids


Here's some examples ideas for structured speech and language activities that can be used to target a variety of goals including turn taking, articulation, sequencing, describing, following directions:

- Create a book to describe a recent family event (birthday, vacation, holiday, family outing). Use photos and drawings to describe what happened. Ask your child wh (who, where, when, what, why) questions about the event. Have them retell the story using sequence words (first, then, next, last).

- Play "I spy". Have your child find things in their environment with their speech sound. You can put some items in a clear container. Take turns using descriptive  language to describe the items. Have them describe the items using descriptive vocabulary (attributes, function, color, pattern, size, category, etc). 

- Make some food! Practice following directions while having your child find the ingredients in the kitchen. Talk about the action words in the directions (dump, mix, stir, pour). After you make the food, sequence what happened. As you enjoy the treat, describe the food. 

- Listen to stories together on https://www.storylineonline.net/.

 Pause the story to talk about images you see on the page with your articulation sounds. Talk about what might happen next. At the end of the story, practice retelling the story using sequence words. Talk about the problems within the story and how the character solved the problem. 

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I will be available for video conferences to clarify information, provide strategies, and discuss student's specific speech goals. To set up a video conference, please email me and I will set up a meeting for us! 


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