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Most Recent IB Planner Information

ThemeWhere We Are in Place and Time- An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between, and the interconnectedness of, individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Central IdeaOur Community and Our World Affect Each Other 

Lines of Inquiry:  
      An inquiry into maps.
      An inquiry into timelines.
      An inquiry into past, present and future
      An inquiry into 
natural resources.

Learner Profile Attribute: Knowledgeable and Communicator

Key Concepts: Connection- How does it link to other things?Perspective- What are the points of view?

Approaches to LearningCommunication Skills-exchanging information, literacy and ITC skills (using technology to gather, investigate and communicate information).


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Welcome to our class’s webpage! Feel free to look around. Teacher’s have been instructed to have our class webpage’s be the hub for all information regarding our class during our current situation. You can also find information posted to the Seesaw app.

More information regarding lessons and grades will be provided by PWCS later this week. At this point, teachers have been instructed to not post any assignments or grades until MONDAY, MARCH 23. Any grades I may post before then will be for assignments students completed before our school shut down.

Please feel free to email me ( or send me a message on Seesaw at anytime. I will be checking both throughout the day, especially Monday through Friday.

Hope all is well. Please give your kiddo a hug for me. I dearly miss my students!


Audra W. Harris




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PWCS proporcionará más información sobre las lecciones y las calificaciones más adelante esta semana. En este punto, los maestros han recibido instrucciones de no publicar ninguna tarea o calificación hasta el LUNES 23 DE MARZO. Cualquier calificación que publique antes será para las tareas que los estudiantes completaron antes del cierre de nuestra escuela.

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