I hope you have a wonderful summer!  Please continue to read fiction and nonfiction books.  Practice your writing skills by writing in a journal of what you did each day.  But, most importantly, keep reviewing your math facts.  Best of luck in third grade!  

Be safe and healthy!

Mrs. Park


  Please view our "Second Grade Team Page" below to find some resources for our second graders.  We will update these resources on a weekly basis.  These are good review materials to work with your child at home. Thank you!
Second Grade Team Page

Dear Antietam Families

Our learner profile attribute for May is " KNOWLEDGEABLE "

Students who are KNOWLEDGEABLE develop and use conceptual understanding, explore knowledge across a range of disciplines, and engage with issues and ideas that have local and global significance.

How can parents help to develop students who are Knowledgeable at home?

1. Encourage your child to read books at home that correspond with the topics and concepts being covered in school.

2. Ask your child about what they are learning in school and engage them in conversations about it:

 “Why do you think that is an important thing to know about?”

 “Can you think of anything happening in the world today that might be similar to that aspect of History?”

3. Foster any area that your child expresses an interest in with books and activities, but also be sure to encourage them to explore other areas.

4. Encourage your child to become familiar with current events and to read the newspaper and watch the news when appropriate.

*** Update 4/14/2020***

Dear Second Grade Families:

Welcome back! We hope you all had a great spring break! We have missed talking to you and your kids. For this week we have set up a calendar you can access through our classroom webpage. This calendar has activities that can be completed each day to help enrich your child. Any activities that are completed can be turned in through Seesaw. Just take a picture and upload your activity to your Seesaw account. If you aren’t connected to Seesaw, you can take a picture of your assignment and send through email. We will provide your child with feedback on their assignment. As per county regulations, all activities are optional and will not be graded. The activities that require a worksheet can either be printed or you can copy to a piece of paper.

Starting April 20th, each day of the week will be assigned to a subject. We will release daily lessons at a certain time each day. At that time, we may post a video lesson, assignment or project for students to work on in a self-paced manner. We will then be available to help during our office hours. We will let you know when those are as soon as we know our schedule. You can use the office hour time to ask questions, ask for clarification, or need a review on the objective assigned. We will continue to use previously established methods of communication with students to post instructional activities and communicate with students during office hours. This will be Seesaw, email, or other approved tools.

As a reminder, the third grading period will be ending on April 24th. Please check ParentVUE to check in with how your child is doing in each of their subject areas. Let us know if you have any questions.

As we venture into this new world of virtual learning, please remember to be patient with your child and with us, as we are all trying to learn to navigate something new. We will update you with information as we get it. Thinking of you all daily. Stay safe and healthy!


The Second Grade Team

Seesaw Home Learning Code

Each student has a unique Home Learning Code to access Seesaw. When signing in with their Home Learning Code, students can post to their journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements. Students do not see the work of any other student in the class.

How Do Students Use Their Home Learning Code?

Students and families, we will be using Seesaw for home learning. Please sign in with your Home Learning code following the steps below:

1. Go to https://web.seesaw.me on a computer. Or install the Seesaw Class iOS or Android app.

2. Tap “I’m a Student”.

3. Scan or type in your Home Learning code.

4. Post to your journal, respond to activities, and view class announcements.

 5. Students scan their code using Seesaw’s built-in QR code reader or type in their text code to access their Seesaw account.  Remember, this code is like a password. Keep it safe!

If you have any questions, please contact me.


Mrs. Park

Most Recent IB Planner Information

ThemeWhere We Are in Place and Time- An inquiry into orientation in place and time; personal histories; homes and journeys; the discoveries, explorations and migrations of humankind; the relationships between, and the interconnectedness of, individuals and civilizations, from local and global perspectives.

Central Idea: The natural environment and weather impacts the daily life of living things.

Lines of Inquiry:  
      An inquiry into how weather affects daily life globally
      An inquiry into 
how humans use (natural) resources to survive and help in their lives and environment              
      An inquiry into 
how the weather and natural environment affect the Native Americans

Learner Profile Attributes: Knowledgeable and reflective

Key Concepts: Form-What is it like? Causation- Why is it like it is?

Approaches to Learning: Research Skills-Information Literacy including data gathering and recording, evaluating and communicating and Thinking Skills-Critical thinking-analyzing, evaluating and forming decisions.  Creative thinking-generating novel ideas and considering new perspectives. Information transfer, reflection and metacognition.


***Update as of March 23, 2020***

Hello 2nd grade families,

Our team has met today and we have received information from our principal.  At this time, we will not be assigning students any new work.  This is based on guidelines sent from Prince William County.  We do encourage all students to be reading each day, practicing math facts and writing stories.

All second grade teachers have provided access to Raz-Kids for our students.  Students have access to Clever to do practice on Dreambox. They may also practice using activities on Clever that they have used at school, such as Code.org, Abcya, MyOn and others.  We encourage you to have them practice and read as much as they can so that they will stay in the habit. 

There is a press conference scheduled today with Virginia’s governor, Ralph Northam, who will be making an announcement regarding schools and closures.  As this announcement is made, our county will send us updates that effect us. 

Teachers will continue to be available during the school week during the hours of 8-3 to answer emails.  Please be patient, as we do have families, it may not be an immediate response.  We continue to keep our students and families in our thoughts and hope everyone stays well! 

Sincerely- Mrs. Aldrich, Mrs. Lipscomb, Miss Mezzacappa, Mrs. Park, Ms. Piper

Hello Second grade families-

I hope all of you are well and safe!  Please know we are thinking of all our students and families and missing seeing them.

As you know, All Prince William County Public Schools will close to students effective Saturday, March 14, until April 14, due to the growing health concern caused by COVID-19 (coronavirus). 

  • Staff and students are asked to focus on themselves and their families this week (March 16 – March 22). Details regarding future instruction expectations will be provided to students and teachers later this week. Teachers should not be assigning work to students this week. No new student work should be assigned or graded until at least March 27.
  • Spring Break will still occur as scheduled (April 6-10).
  • All Prince William County Public Schools are closed to students until April 14. This may be extended if necessary.
  • The third quarter grading period will be extended until at least April 17: this may be extended as the situation evolves.

It is important that students are reading at least 15-20 minutes every day.  We have learned about several reading strategies this year that your child can work on.  They are story elements, sequencing, main idea and details, theme, character traits, cause and effect, making predictions, and text features.  Students can review these strategies as they read their book.  Make sure they are reading all different kinds of genres.  

Students should be practicing their basic addition/subtraction facts so that they can build their fact fluency.  Math is everywhere at home and outside!  Make math fun by playing card games, making a simple recipe at home, or go outside count all the beautiful flowers growing! 

All updates will be posted on my class Seesaw page.  Please contact me through email if you have trouble connecting to Seesaw.  I am happy to help you get connected.

I am providing some apps that your child may go to on Clever for their virtual learning days. If you need the username and password to any of these apps, please contact me.  Many on-line educational web sites that require a subscription are providing free access to students during this time.

Remember to limit their time on the computer and give them brain breaks.   



Brainpop, Jr.




Prodigy Game



Here are some STEM Related Apps:



Interland-Be Internet Awesome


I have posted a few resources in the Files and Documents students can access at this time.  At this time any resources posted in the Files are for practice only.  These will not be graded. In addition, the instructional calendar for 2nd grade is posted in the files and documents section.

I am missing my students and hope that you and your family are healthy and doing well!   

Mrs. Park

To help with practice at home I have uploaded some powerpoints.  These are called Toothy math.  They are fun and interactive.  They are basically on-line task cards.  They can open through PowerPoint.  You can access them through the files and documents tab to the left of this message.  There is a bunch that pertain to our current unit.  Having your child work on these should be painless since they are fun.

The only NEW thing I posted was adding with regrouping and subtraction with borrowing.  If you can, please sit with your child and have a small lesson on how to do this.  THIS WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!