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Thank you Antietam Artists for participating in my
step-by-step drawing Zoom meetings for these past few months
that's Kamie above ! ).
I truly enjoyed seeing you and your artwork. 

Be safe this summer and I will see you soon! 

27 Butterfly Design Clipart spring Free Clip Art stock ...
Spring break is here!
If you can go outside, sit quietly, observe and draw. :)

***Optional Learning***
I will be working with my administrators and Art department decision makers during the remainder of the school year for guidance. 
Distance learning is an option.

Keep an eye on the left hand side (please be patient with me as I am teaching myself how to create this website) for
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Superhero Activity/Movie for you!


Welcome to Antietam ES Art!
My name is Mrs. Cubé and I am very excited
to see all the creative projects that come out of
room 132 this year.

A FREE Art opportunity this Sunday!

Thanks PTA for a fun evening!

Hello wonderful Antietam families!
If you have any newspaper, thin cardboard or caps, I would love them for 3D projects.
Thank you!

University of Virginia
Art and Ecology Workshop
Plein Aire
October 18-20, 2019
salt marsh

Antietam Technology Night was a success!
Thank you for coming :)

tech night